What Happens When a Car Accident Goes to Trial

What Happens When a Car Accident Goes to Trial

What Happens When a Car Accident Goes to Trial?

For some people, the idea of getting up in front a jury and telling their story is terrifying. Other people can’t wait to have their day in court. When it comes to car accident lawsuits, the number of cases that actually make it to court are few and far between. Here, we’ll talk about what happens during a car accident trial. We’ll also explain what other tactics your personal injury lawyer in California will use.

Most Personal Injury Cases Never Make It to Trial

A lot of people assume that all lawsuits involve heated testimony at trial, with a lot of objections to the judge. In the real world, less than 5% of personal injury cases go to trial. Trials are expensive and it may be years before you’re in front of a judge. Trials also put you at risk. If you go to trial and the court finds for the defendant, you get nothing. Rather than risk this happening, your personal injury lawyer in California will fight hard to settle your case out of court.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in California Will Try to Keep You Off the Stand

As mentioned above, very few personal injury cases go to trial. However, if for some reason yours does, you don’t have to take the stand. Your personal injury lawyer in California is going to try hard to resolve you case without having you testify. It’s not so much that you would give incorrect answers. It’s only a question of whether you get nervous or uncomfortable while testifying. The good news is that there is a very slim chance that you would ever have to do this.

The Police Report May Include a Statement by Both Drivers

When the cops come the accident scene, they do a thorough investigation. This is true whether it’s a car accident or a fall in a public place. This police report is going to include your statement. The police officer will make a note about what you said. This can be used to help prove your lawsuit. This is why it’s important that you call the police regardless of what kind of accident you experience.

Did You Make a Statement to the Insurance Company?

If you were involved in a car accident, then you probably already spoke with your insurance company. They may have asked you to make a statement over the phone. Or they’ll ask for a written description of what took place. You want to be careful about giving these statements. Ideally, you’ll talk to one of our personal injury lawyers in California before you do this. If you use one wrong word, it can destroy your case, Let your attorney help with the statement. This way they make sure you don’t damage your case.

Before You Worry Call and Talk to a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer in California

If you were hurt in accident, the last thing we want you to do is worry more. You don’t want to get too stressed, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. Even if you’re afraid that you won’t win your case, that shouldn’t impact your call to our office. There’s nothing to be frightened or uncomfortable about when it comes to your free consultation. All you need to do is call and let us know what date and time works for you.

Then you’ll come into the office and sit down with a personal injury lawyer in California who’s handled cases like yours before. Tell them your story. Let them know what the defendant did. Since the consultation is free, it won’t cost you anything at all.

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